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Installing Pets & People Volunteers

Overview: We are a Regional Organization covering Eastern Mass. from Worcester to the Atlantic Ocean and from Falmouth, north through several facilities near the New Hampshire and Maine borders.

We do not charge facilities for our services nor charge volunteers for dues.

We DO supply our volunteers with a $2,000.00 insurance policy which covers their dogs while visiting clients in a facility in which we have placed them. (transportation and volunteer accidents are not covered) — If a volunteer wants to visit a different facility than that to which s/he has been assigned, s/he must first contact the Volunteer Program Coordinator so we can make a telephone contact with the new facility’s Activity Director.

Three Aspects of Therapy Dog Visitation:

One: First the dog must be clean and healthy, under control of the volunteer, always on a leash and enjoy his/her visits. Visits should generally last from 45 minutes to an for. Volunteer should take but one dog at a time to visit unless given special permission by the Volunteer Program Coordinator.

Two: The client must enjoy the dog and /or volunteer’s visits whether the visits be short or long. Generally speaking, the volunteer will only be able to visit with around 10-15 clients on a given day. DO NOT overwork the dog. Do NOT give the client anything to eat or drink while you are there. Ask a nurse to attend patient who needs something. Volunteer should provide any doggy treat given to dog. NO chocolate. When client says, “Thank you very much for coming,” that should be your clue to leave gracefully. Respect client privacy.

Three: YOU. If you have questions about your visits, contact the Program Coordinator. If you need to leave the program PLEASE let the Program Coordinator know so e=we can try to find another volunteer to take your place. (We also feature and Annual Dinner in Oct. and award titles and certificates.)

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