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Pets & People Foundation

If you are interested in becoming a Pet Therapy Visitor with Pets & People CLICK HERE

The Pets & People Foundation, Inc. offers pet-assisted therapy to residents of nursing homes, assisted living homes, special needs facilities, half-way houses, some children’s facilities and some senior daycare centers and hospitals.

Founded in 1985, our 501C3 nonprofit organization-run entirely by volunteers-works with site directors to organize 45-60 minute visits from our volunteers and their pets. Covering Eastern Massachusetts from Worcester East to the Atlantic Ocean, and from Falmouth North to the border with New Hampshire. In general, we make visits to facilities as individuals with a  single pet, and do not visit a facility with a  group of animals.

The Pets & People Foundation has never charged for visits, nor asked volunteers for membership fees. We do charge for our screenings (test) to become a member. Volunteers provide “people therapy through pets,” our budget comes entirely from donations and our inspiration comes from the people whose faces light up when a dog, cat or other animal walks into a room to give unconditional love and attention to someone in need.

~ Pets & People Foundation

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