Pets & People Foundation – Volunteer Proposal

Volunteer Proposal

Certified Therapy Animals assisting people of all ages.

The goal of the program is to present an opportunity for any child to read to a Therapy Dog one on one or within a group setting.

Therapy Dogs have calm personalities and can sit quietly to listen to the children read. Accompanied by their handler, the team are a wonderful asset to any reading program.

The program can be beneficial in a group setting or individual reading sessions.

Working with the Volunteer Handler, you can schedule times that will work best for all involved.


Zoey is a 7 year old, chocolate Labrador, with a very sweet and gentle personality who has been working at a local library listening to children read now for several months. Her calm, laid back personality has facilitated many a child to sit on the floor with her, snuggle in and read her their favorite story. I have witnessed firsthand, children relax and forget their fear of reading aloud when sitting reading to Zoey.

The Volunteer Handler of Zoey, Cheryl Marland-Thomas has had many years of experience working with Therapy Dogs, in medical facilities and nonmusical facilities.

Cheryl Marland-Thiomas
Cell: (978) 758-8693

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